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    • Providing flexible solutions, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most…growing your business.

      Are you getting stuck in the thick of thin things? Bogged down with endless to-do lists and emails? Never seem to have time to concentrate on your most important tasks or fully use your talents to the benefit of your organisation and customers? Perhaps it's time to consider using a Virtual PA!

    • Why A Virtual Assistant?

      A Virtual Assistant – VA – offers assistance in the same way a Personal Assistant – PA – would, but without taking up your office space.

      Today, almost all business transactions are conducted via e-mail or phone, so it really doesn’t matter where your assistant is located  - no one knows the difference! All you need to know is that you have a responsive assistant who helps you get things done.  All your clients need to know, is that you have a polite, efficient assistant who gets them what they need, when they need it.

      We were established to help busy entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow their businesses by giving them the freedom to accomplish their most important goals, whilst knowing we were taking care of the everything else

      You have a trusted business partner who frees you up to do what you do best.

      Maybe it’s time to consider hiring a virtual assistant for yourself...

    • Why Choose Us?

      We make it a point to really understand what you do in order to help you work more efficiently, and get the results you want.  We pride ourselves on always being relevant in the market, using the most effective tools and practices. 

      We want to build a relationship with you

      We have the necessary experience

      We genuinely take an interest in your business

      We believe there is a better way to get work done. We start the task and stop the clock as each task is assigned to us.  You're not paying for lunch and coffee breaks, only for the time it takes us to complete your task. 

    • As our business began to grow I found myself spending more time out of the office which is great for our business but it left a huge gap in daily admin and keeping in touch with clients. VM3 have taken over all our time intensive tasks, allowing me to concentrate on the big picture.

      Jane R, Managing Director

    • VM3 are fabulous to work with. They followed our project from start to finish setting clear expectations and delivering on every promise. They are genuinely easy to work with and always put their clients first.

      Emma Y, Director

    • The services provided by VM3 are fantastic. They helped me to organise my office workspace and then streamline my daily admin tasks giving me time to focus on my own clients and what I love doing most.

      Dawn R, Client Partner